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What We Do

Sourcing The Way advises visionary business leaders
who are growing enlightened organizations.

Our clients are committed to working in ways that align with life. Sourcing The Way’s unique methods for strategic decision-making identify opportunities that have fundamental support from life itself. Along the way we also help leaders to cultivate well-being and guide their organizations with wisdom and compassion.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Sourcing The Way has worked with hundreds of leaders – including executives, philanthropists, change agents, media makers, and healthcare professionals – and dozens of organizations. We are enormously grateful to our clients for their willingness to lean into their transformation.

This is genius deeply rooted in Truth. The market is crying out for what Sourcing The Way has to offer but hasn’t known where to look.
​   –Jim Anderson, Executive Coach, Key-Connections

I don’t use words like transformational or alchemical lightly. When it comes to this work I can confidently say that Sourcing The Way is the real thing.

Sally Fox, Ph.D.
Engaging Presence

Sourcing The Way provides the opportunity to engage the invisible, to play within that arena safely, and to do the most important work in the world: to trust ourselves. If we honored intuitive knowing, our lives and organizations would be completely different.

Jerry Millhon
Thriving Communities

Thank you for your guidance and facilitation with this process. I must admit it was a unique process for me in terms of creating an event. It wasn’t until I woke up this morning that I truly felt the magnitude and power. It really helped me to slow down and feel the essence of what is being created with Thriving Communities.

Barbara Dunn, Ph.D, LICSW, MT-BC

Maria teased out, through brilliant questioning…and lots of Swedish chill out reflective vibe/listening, what my actual values are. I highly recommend Maria to draw out and reflect back your highest values. Knowing my values makes me fearless, attractive, and confident in every decision I take because I’ve tested it against my values set. This values work has totally changed my life! Really empowered me to negotiate a relocation, to increase my prices to new clients by 25%, plus I’ve been clear cut with family about my new working day.

Frea O’Brien, The Prosperity Map

The best business consulting ever. A couple of hours with Sourcing The Way enabled us to get half a year’s work done.

Tim Bennett
Founder of LOVE TO Group

Working with Sourcing The Way helps me to stay clear in my own sense of the direction that is truly needed for DreamRider and that truly serves all beings. It is like washing away the confusion and emerging into crystal clear calm knowing.

Vanessa LeBourdais
DreamRider Productions

Maria is a wonderful coach and human being. She has a very balanced approach about working with your heart and mind, in unison. She pays attention, listens deeply and is very astute in her observations. She comes alive and stays connected with you and participates on the journey that unfolds during a conversation. Working with her, you can trust that you are on an adventure together to a better place that is aligned and right for you.

Haseena Latheef

Jeff and Maria provide a rare and precious service to people and groups looking to deepen and refine their work in the world. The experience is like joining with soul partners who patiently listen to each nuance of my vision, helping to clarify priorities and bring my life’s work to its next level of actualization. They bring something ineffable: a subtle yeast that helps enliven the energies at the source of my calling. ‘Sourcing The Way’ is certainly an apt name for their sacred work.

Deborah Koff-Chapin
Center for Soul Touch Drawing