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About Us

Sourcing The Way launched in 2013 with a commitment to develop and deliver pioneering solutions that accelerate the consciousness transformation of visionary leaders and their businesses.

Maria Baeck (Bäck)

Co-Founder and Chief Wholeness Guide

Maria is a Soul Leadership Guide, Mentor, Sensing Partner, and Speaker. She helps you to re-connect with and re-discover what makes you YOU, to ‘up’ or ‘deepen’ your game spiritually, to practice soul leadership. Thanks to her own journey, which includes 30+ years of experience in the high-tech electronics industry, she knows that it is not the external world that creates her experience, rather it is her attitude and awareness that offer the keys to fulfilment, empowerment, and freedom. A Swedish expatriate with a total love for conversations that awaken, inspire, heal, and transform, Maria’s expertise is in deep reflective and active listening, which includes techniques, processes, and systems that she has developed and practiced since 2005.

Jeff Vander Clute

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Jeff is an entrepreneur, consciousness coach, and trans-formation consultant committed to the harmonization of human systems with life. He has grown companies in the online, social enterprise, and consciousness domains, and he has consulted to numerous businesses and charities. Jeff has developed effective new approaches to conscious leadership and enlightened strategy that enable teams to operate with wisdom and achieve worldchanging results. He guides retreats, workshops, and other transformational experiences for people who are ready to explore the depths of their real nature. Jeff is a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle, a member of the Association for Spiritual Integrity, and a board member of Alliance for the Earth.

Holly Thomas

Chief Content Strategist

Holly is a writer, editor, and facilitator with a knack for sculpting language and helping people connect the details with the big picture. She explores and bridges ideas and lines of inquiry. As a writing coach, she listens for moments of clarity and stories to celebrate. In her poetry and art, she weaves together scientific curiosity and direct experiences of subtle awareness. Over a 35-year career in regional land use planning, technical communications, and now freelance editing, she has honed her skills in group work and the writing crafts.

Gretchen Krampf

Board Member

Gretchen is a leader, weaver, and catalyst for change, working with individuals, organizations, and communities to explore the narratives they are living in and envisioning, then manifesting the stories they want to live into. A seasoned and sought-after leadership development and transformational coach, she has spent the last fifteen years guiding entrepreneurs, creatives, and social change agents to thriving lives and prosperous outcomes, through increasing personal awareness and ability to be adaptive and resilient in the face of a world in constant change.

Anne Stadler

In Loving Memory

Anne was a pioneering elder and mentor who served on the board of Sourcing The Way from 2016 to 2022. Her specialty was opening space to support self-organization, inspired leadership, and collective evolution. Anne was a founder and organizer of local, national, and international peace efforts, and an award-winning television producer at KING 5-TV in Seattle, Washington. After 92 years of love in action, Anne passed away peacefully in October 2023.